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1. Fall Garden (2017)

piedmont oklahoma
23' x 25' (7m x 7m)
fall garden

2. kodi's garden (2017)
49' x 19' (15m x 6m)
kodi kotlar garden.

3. Succession Garden (2017)
49' x 19' (15m x 6m)
Paige Young *sorry for all the plans* 1. Successive Vegetable Garden: In my garden I have three different gardening schedules: The first is scheduled by Spring, Summer and Fall. Which consists of Beets, Cabbage, and Kale. Second it is scheduled by Spring, Summer, and Fall. Which consists of Carrots, Cucumbers, and Lettuce. And Lastly the vegetables are scheduled by Fall, Spring, and Winter . Which consists of Pumpkin, Green Onion, and Winter Squash. 2. Beneficial Habitat Garden: A Dill plant is beneficial to Cabbage and Kale by getting rid of aphids on the vegetables. Buckwheat helps cucumber plants from the cucumber beetles as well as Marigolds helping Cabbage from cabbage worms. Catnip also serves a purpose with Squashes from cucumber beetles and oils to repel against the Colorado Potato beetle. 3. Fruit Garden: In the fruit garden my variety of fruits are; Strawberries, Red Currant, Blackberries, and Cantaloupe. The certain pests you should be looking out for on a Strawberry are slugs, strawberry bud weevils, spittlebugs, and tarnished plant bugs. On a Red Currant the pests you need to look out for are; Currant fruit flies, Currant Aphids, Two spotted spider mites, Blind bud mite, Black currant gall mite, Clearwing moth, and Black Currant Leaf Curling Midge. For a Blackberry the pests are Aphids, Cane borer, Cane blight, Fruitworm, Mites, Japanese beetle, Rose chafer, Leafroller, and Thrips. Lastly pests to look on a Cantaloupe are Aphids, squash bugs, squash vine borers and cucumber beetles. 4. Scientific Companion Vegetable Garden: For my biochemical section in my scientific companion garden I chose Onions and Squash mainly because the aromas from the onions will repel squash bugs. Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation I chose Peas and Beans because they are heavy nitrogen feeders that will give nutrients to the soil. And lastly, for the Trapping crop I chose Basil and Tomatoes because the basil distracts hornworms from attacking the tomatoes. Links:

4. Marion Homestead (2017)

Marion, TX
29' x 14' (9m x 4m)
Family Summer Garden

5. DAMLA (2017)

42' x 29' (13m x 9m)
my vegetable garden planning

6. Dana Zalzala (2017)

Mississauga, Canada
16' x 8' (5m x 2m)
mississauga, Canada

7. Side of House (2017)

2017 Garden
3' x 26' (1m x 8m)
Small plants

8. Bemis (2017)

32' x 19' (9m x 6m)

9. Twin Oaks (2016)

Towong 3707
49' x 29' (15m x 9m)
This vegetable garden uses a mixture of raised and ground beds. The raised beds are fully enclosed with bird netting.

10. Greenhouse - Hansen Garden (2017)

Pacific NW, Everett
11' x 9' (3m x 3m)
Greenhouse portion of the garden. Potted plants moving outdoors.

11. backyard (2017)

liberty county tx
15' x 24' (4m x 7m)
summer veggie garden

12. Testgarten (2017)

65' x 32' (20m x 10m)
Testgarden for Roboterpath

13. Inside along fence (2017)

Inside Fence
3' x 11' (1m x 3m)

14. Spring Garden (2017)

Piedmont Oklahoma
23' x 25' (7m x 7m)
Spring time to summer garden

15. Front Garden (2017)

Rocky Pond
50' x 23' (15m x 7m)
Front Yard

16. Britannia (2017)

3' x 24' (1m x 7m)
Fence-side garden

17. 3 Bed Raised Garden (2017)

43' x 21' (13m x 6m)
Vegetables and Herbs

18. West Garden (2017)

West Garden
39' x 19' (12m x 6m)

19. First Year (2017)

Salem, NY
24' x 44' (7m x 13m)
My first BIG garden! Don't think it's quite enough to feed our family of 7 but it's a good starter garden.

20. backyard (2017)
22' x 34' (7m x 10m)
backyard garden 2017

21. Strawberry Basket (2017)

Newton Saint Cyres, Devon United Kingdom
3' x 3' (1m x 1m)
Plan not to scale. 16" hanging basket - Strawbwerries Symphony

22. Pap's Vegetable Garden (2017)

Dover, PA
11' x 11' (3m x 3m)
Pap's Vegetable Garden

23. Vlahakis (2017)

40' x 30' (12m x 9m)

24. Vegetable Garden (2017)

Crystal Lake
35' x 37' (10m x 11m)
Vegetable Garden

25. Emily Redder (2017)

Grand Rapids
59' x 40' (18m x 12m)
Suburban Homestead